Christmas Oven Clean Gloucester

Christmas Oven Clean GloucesterChristmas oven clean Gloucester

Dear Customers. Thank you for reading up about Christmas oven clean Gloucester. Despite the lockdown (obviously, we can’t work at our own home), we have taken so many bookings, that we now have no room for any more oven cleans until January. Of course, we are thankful and pleased about the lovely customers who rang early enough to make a pre-Christmas appointment, but we wish we could help everyone who calls.

An Appointment For Your Oven Clean


Nevertheless, I wonder if this will help: logic makes me ask … why spend the money on an oven clean now? In a few weeks time the turkey goes in and the oven will be grubby again. Why not book now so that you have a lovely after-Christmas sparkling clean cooker. A January appointment will be refreshing, and ready to start the new year. We still have slots available for early next year.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements, or let you know how our unique system can help you keep your stove clean, and working efficiently. A dirty oven is costly to run because it has to struggle to keep on top of fat deposits, etc.

Remember that a dirty oven can be a fire hazard, and accumulated fat smells awful when the oven is lit.

Biodegradable and non-caustic method. We drive an electric car ( We are putting maximum effort into working with minimum impact.

We are not limited by difficult access to properties because we don’t keep returning to an outside soaking tank. Once we’re in the kitchen, we stay right up to that final flick of the duster. Stairs are no problem for us.

We are family-run, independent (not a franchise), and we live and work locally. Our profits stay in the U.K., unlike those of some franchisees who are tied to lumbering overseas companies.

Support us, support U.K. living and working. 01452404600