Christmas Oven Clean Hereford

Christmas Oven Clean HerefordChristmas oven clean Hereford

I was going to post this blog today (5th November), but now we are in another lockdown situation. Nevertheless, for information’s sake, do please remember us and save to your file so that, eventually, we shall be able to keep our diary open for the usual full 5 days a week.

I understand that it’s unlikely you would want us in your house at the current time, especially given that we would not be part of your “bubble”. However, we are taking bookings for January and on into next year for the post-Christmas rush. If you would like to book or even just enquire about our service, then do please get in touch. At least we won’t be locking down the ‘phone! 01989750121

Here’s my somewhat out-of-date blog:

For your own appointment for a Christmas oven clean Hereford, there is still time for us to help as long as you make your booking soon. I’ve checked our diary, and there currently some dates free for December, with limited numbers of bookings available during November.

I believe current COVID rules prevent gatherings, but I think the rules in our area permit numbers up to 6. In case the in-laws are threatening a visit, you might still be panicking because your oven is dirty.We are always happy to help.

Call us on 01989750121. Christmas oven clean Hereford

Please note, we don’t work in the evenings or over weekends. However, after office hours voicemail will be on so do please leave a message with the best time to ring you back.

Christmas Oven Clean Hereford

Keep in mind that all other oven cleaning companies have to go to and fro vehicle-based soaking tanks with all the disadvantages you can think of. On the other hand, our method is unique, and once we are indoors, we stay until that final flick of the duster. Fuss-free, non-disruptive system. Safe where there are children and/or pets.

We are independent (not a franchise), so all profits stay in the U.K., and not sent to some unwieldly overseas conglomerate. Our customers’ bookings keep our roof over our heads so it is always in our interests to be polite, punctual, and professional.

Biodegradable, non-caustic system. Safe at properties where there is septic tank drainage. We drive an electric car, and are doing our best to work with minimum impact. We even bring our own kettle, coffee, and snack!

You can use your sparkling clean stove straight away. No nasty after-smells.

We clean any size domestic oven, any make. All ovens are the heart of the home. For your own quotation, call 01989750121


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