Christmas Oven Clean Bookings

Christmas Oven Clean Bookings

First, yet another very welcome endorsement about our service: “Hello. Thanks for another great oven

Diplomat double oven, doors closed. Shiny after clean.
Diplomat Double Oven

clean.” Delighted to help and thank you.

Right, now I can turn to new Christmas oven clean bookings; we have been booked right up to Christmas Eve since beginning/middle of November, which is lovely for us but a shame that we have had to disappoint so many customers who have called just that bit too late for a place in the diary.

We began taking appointments for January and February back in October, and January is filling up fast now. Here’s a thought for anyone who was hoping for a Christmas oven clean: if you’re the one cooking the Big Dinner, why pay out a couple of weeks beforehand? Why not let us deal with the dirty oven¬†after the turkey’s been in!

Love to hear from you. Do call.

01989750121 or 01452404600. Texts to 07958383366