Local Oven Cleaning Company

Local Oven Cleaning Company

Here we are, your own local oven cleaning company. We are proud to be local, professional, and not a franchisee; we own the business and we clean your oven. Our customers’ bookings are our livelihood so it’s always in our interests to take personal pride in our work. Most people recognise that it’s important to support local small businesses; we are always happy to help return your oven to its shiny best. 01452404600Local Oven Cleaning Company

Local Oven Cleaning Company – Our System

When we clean an oven, parts have to be soaked during the process. All other oven cleaning companies use vehicle-based soaking tanks, but we work in your kitchen, right by the oven, and this is much less disruptive for the customer. Other cleaning companies have to keep returning to their soaking tanks outdoors, which obviously means front door open, possibly muddy footprints in the hall, and unsafe where there are children. However, not only do we achieve the best results possible, but we also keep out of your way. What could be better! 01452404600

We drive an electric car http://www.nissan.co.uk, and our method is biodegradable and non-caustic, doing our bit for the environment.local oven cleaning company

We aim always to return your precious cooker to as near showroom condition as possible. In addition, we believe it is important to be helpful, polite, and punctual from the first time you enquire, right through to the finish of the job. We run a reminders calendar so you don’t even have to worry about remembering next year’s booking; we will ring you in plenty of time. Some customers prefer every 6 months or even every 3. Whatever is right for you, is right for us. Happy to help. 01452404600

Oven & Range Cleaning. Proud to be your local oven cleaning company. 01452404600