No Churn Icecream Recipe

No Churn Icecream Recipe

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Our own no churn icecream recipe by Oven & Range Cleaning has got to be the easiest and tastiest you will find. Simple method, with only a few ingredients, which will lead you to a lovely treat and taste sensation. Delicious. no churn icecream recipe Oven & Range Cleaning 01452404600


600 ml double or whipping cream

small tin of “light” sweetened condensed milk

1 jar of best lemon curd

You will also need an electric mixer or hand whisk, a fairly large mixing bowl, and a lidded container which, in the interests of recycling, can be an old icecream tub.

Method for No Churn Icecream Recipe

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Put the cream and condensed milk into the bowl, and whisk together until the soft peak stage. Spoon or pour the lemon curd into the mixture, and gently “thread” this through until you get a rippled look. Turn into the container, pop on the lid, and freeze.

Of course you can substitute the lemon curd with so many flavours; for example, best chocolate spread, vanilla and nuts, chopped nuts to name just 3.

There you are; that’s all there is to it of course, apart from licking out the bowl and whisk! Should freeze ready to eat in 2 hours or so.

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