Oven Clean During Lockdown

Oven Clean During Lockdown

oven cleaning during lockdown

Regarding safety questions for an oven clean during lockdown, we are observing the Government’s sensible rules about staying at home. This of course is in common with almost all other businesses. Jobs at home that we have postponed are occupying our time, including cleaning our own Rangemaster, catching up with lots of phone calls with family and friends.

Nevertheless, we are still open for business to a degree and are always happy to discuss our customers’ enquiries. In addition, we are compiling a list of customers who would like us to postpone their bookings until we are able to visit. If you are staring at the inside of a dirty oven and wondering when we will be back with you, why not give us a call, and we’ll add you to the list.


oven clean during lockdown

Oven Clean During Lockdown

We are happy to take bookings for ovens at empty properties, for instance rental flats or holiday lets standing empty between renters. We are trying to work with as little impact as possible.

Call us to discuss our unique system, and how we can help you. 01989750121

Unlike all the other oven cleaning companies, we do not need to rely on a vehicle-based soaking tank. We work by your oven and our attention to hygiene is consistent. In particular during the oven clean during lockdownlockdown, we are using alcohol rub on our hands. We cover your surfaces, keeping touch to a minimum. We bring our own kettle and snack. We would never compromise safety.

Biodegradable and non-caustic system. We emphasise our “green” credentials by driving an electric car. http://nissan.co.uk

Oven & Range Cleaning. Proud to be local, family-run, and independent. 01989750121.

If supporting local, committed, small business is important to you, we are ready to help.