Oven Cleaning – A Mixed Week

Oven Cleaning – A week’s worth of short notes:

Life in the oven cleaning world can be a strange thing, especially when the first thing you do on a week’s holiday in France with the family, is go straight to the kitchen to inspect the oven. All was well, which was a relief when self-catering.

Just before we left, we enjoyed three very nice endorsements of the way we work.

Two reviews from returning customers: “Fantastic job as always. Thanks very much.” and “Fantastic service. My oven looks like brand new! Highly recommended.”

We also received a much appreciated comment by a prospective customer: “You have a lovely website, by the way.” This is a particularly satisfying confidence boost because our old tired website has recently been updated, and of course it is good to know we’ve got things right. The new site has not been running for long, and this was the second customer to make a positive comment. Good news.