Oven Cleaning in Apartment?

Oven Cleaning in Apartment?

oven cleaning in apartment

Oven Cleaning in Apartment – no problem for us

A commitment to an oven cleaning appointment means just that, no matter what, even in you live above first floor. Stairs are no problem for us. When we arrived to clean this oven and found that parking was tricky, the show had to go on. Actually, it wasn’t hard to turn what could have been a negative into a good topic for today’s post, which is all about never turning down a difficult-to-reach customer.

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This Would Defeat the Soaking Tank Boys!

Usually it’s easy to work out that a new customer lives in a flat or apartment from the address given over the phone but sometimes there’s no clue so, when you arrive at a block of flats fronting a main road, and no obvious parking, the only thing to do is pull in somewhere and call the customer. On this occasion, we had to park across the other side of a dual carriageway, and the apartment was 3 storeys up.oven cleaning in apartment

Stairs are no problem for us

It is at this stage that most other oven cleaning companies would have to give up, because their system depends on the use of a vehicle-based soaking tank. Imagine how difficult this would be: up and down 3 flights of stairs and crossing the main road with lots of oven parts, then going through the whole thing again in reverse, bad enough in dry summer weather but in the snow and ice? Not a chance.

Our unique method ensures that we never have to let our customers down. We work right by the oven and not only is this much less disruptive for the customer, it is certainly easier on our legs because, once we have carried in our equipment, we are in place until we finish the job.

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