Oven Cleaning – Keep Calling

Oven Cleaning – Keep Callingoven cleaning - keep calling

Despite the virus, we are carrying out some work so, for oven cleaning – keep calling. 01989750121

Yes, we are still working with as little impact as possible. If you are worrying about a dirty oven, call us to see how we can help you.

We are very strict about physical spacing. We bring our own kettle, coffee, snack, etc., and generally limit our contact with your kitchen surfaces, as well as ensuring your floor is well covered with tarpaulin. Where possible, we request payments by bank transfer on the day, to reduce risk even further.oven cleaning - keep calling

Rental property and holiday lets are often standing empty at the moment and so we would encourage owners to have ovens cleaned in readiness for use whenever this disgusting disease is under control. Of course we welcome all such enquiries as vacant properties are less of a footfall risk to owners and to ourselves.

Our system is unique; we work by your oven and keep disruption to a minimum. However, you will find that all other oven cleaning companies rely on vehicle-based soaking tanks with all their associated disadvantages: front door open in all weathers, as well as being unsafe for children and/or pets. Our customers are our livelihood so the last thing we want is to keep taking oven parts to and from your home to a van.oven cleaning - keep calling

We are an independent oven cleaning company, with no franchise ties. Profits stay in the U.K., whereas franchise operators can be obliged to send profits to bulky business overseas.

Biodegradable and non-caustic method. We drive an electric car too, and doing our best to limit environmental impact.

No doubt you are doing the right thing by supporting small British business, so here we are, waiting to help you. For oven cleaning – keep calling. 01989750121

Proud to be local, family-run, and independent