Oven Cleaning Negative Tests

Oven Cleaning Negative Tests
oven cleaning negative tests

To reassure our customers, we are carrying out regular oven cleaning negative tests, and are taking as many steps as possible to guard you, other customers, and ourselves.

Of course, we should all be reducing footfall in our homes despite lockdown easing, and you may be nervous about letting someone other than your bubble into your home. However, the challenges a dirty oven can give may well irritate you so much that you decide to make an oven cleaning booking. Call us to ask what extra care we take during the horrible time this virus has given us. Covid care oven cleaning:


We have been vaccinated so are less likely to shed the virus,

regularly use the Government’s self-testing kits (all negative so far),oven cleaning negative tests

are extremely strict about physical spacing, and ask our customers to give us plenty of room while we work to make your oven shiny and clean again,

we prefer not to handle cash or cheques at present, so ask for online bank transfers or debit card payments where possible.

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Covid Care Oven Cleaning Method

Our unique system is non-disruptive for our customers. All other companies have to keep returning to vehicle-based soaking tanks, and of course this means your front door will be open in all weathers, and is unsafe for children and/or pets. However, to reassure you, we work right by the oven, keeping out of your way. We believe we operate in the best way for our customers and the environment.

Safe at properties where there is septic tank drainage.

Biodegradable and non-caustic system.

Our work vehicle is all-electric.

We are family-run, independent (not a franchise), and profits stay in the U.K. Some franchisees have to pay significant fees to overseas holding companies, not the best destination for Britain’s hard-earned money.

If supporting an independent, caring, and environmentally aware oven cleaning company is important to you, call 01452404600