Post Christmas Oven Clean State of Mind

Oven Clean State of Mind

Our oven clean Facebook page tells me I haven’t posted for a while. Our web designer lovely man tells me I must post an oven clean blog more often. Ooops, being nagged all round!

dscf3455If anyone is remotely interested, yesterday Steve finally remembered to collect the jumper he had left at a customer’s house last year. Trouble was, he couldn’t remember the address, and I couldn’t text or ring the info to him because he had broken his phone. Fortunately, our first oven clean customer yesterday was kind enough to note the details, and pass them on.

Not usually this inefficient, so putting yesterday’s hiccup down to post Christmas state of mind, and I’m taking the opportunity to thank Ms Chapman for looking after the jumper, and Mrs Burgoyne for her secretarial skills noting contact info.

Two loyal customers to see today, and double ovens and range ovens the rest of the week.

Without our kind and patient customers, where would we be!