Soaking Tank Boys Beware

No Vehicle-based Soaking Tank For Us

Here is yet another reason why some ovens are too impractical (perhaps impossible?) for anyone using a soaking tank for oven cleaning.

We could easily reassure a new customer, living in a town centre retirement complex, that we would be able to clean her oven, after one local company refused to help. She lives on the second floor of a block of flats, and car parking is limited to one space per resident. Apparently access for tradesmen is “under discussion” so to avoid any annoyance to residents, we will have to unload our equipment, then drive across town to park.

We do not use a vehicle-based soaking tank. We work right by the oven. This means that we can accept bookings from any customer living in a flat or apartment, especially those buildings where car parking is not nearby. Once we are indoors, we stay put until the job is complete.

Soaking Tank? Not for us. Minimum disruption for the customer.