Unique Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning System

For anyone wondering just why our oven cleaning system is different, here’s a brief explanation.

Most oven cleaning companies use a vehicle-based soaking tank. This means your front door will be open in all weathers, muddy footprints, and unsafe if you have children and/or pets. Some operators even use caustic products with all the risks that can bring, not to mention nasty lingering smells.

Relying on a vehicle-based soaking tank means that some properties are beyond the reach of these operators, flats and apartments for instance. Impossible if a customer lives up several flights of stairs or if parking is restricted.

Our unique oven cleaning system ensures minimum disruption for the customer. We work right by the unit, and keep out of your way. Once we’re indoors, we stay there until the job is finished. We don’t use any harsh products, there are no after-smells, and our method is safe for properties with septic tank drainage. If access is difficult, we can manage by simply unloading our equipment, then parking our vehicle elsewhere.

We’re ¬†happy to answer any queries, and will always try to accommodate any particular requests for times and dates, so here’s hoping this clarifies how we believe weAga hob, pan lids openGas hob have a unique oven cleaning system.