Oven Clean Prices Monmouth

Oven Clean Prices Monmouth

For the best value oven clean prices Monmouth, call or read on here … 0198975012

We believe our oven cleaning service to be second to none and that eco-friendly is best. In addition, our method is unique and biodegradable and non-caustic, which endorses our green credentials. Also, we drive an all electric car http://Nissan.co.uk  Working right by the oven, there is no need for us to keep returning to a vehicle-based soaking tank. Our system is different from that of other oven cleaning companies who work from soaking tanks fitted in a vehicle parked outside. In other words, your front door will have to remain open in all weathers, obviously unsafe for children and/or pets. However, our method is also safe for use at properties where there is septic tank drainage. oven clean prices Monmouth

Beware of some local companies who undercut our prices in an effort to capture our customers! You should be aware of this tactic, because obviously value for money is always better than cheap.

Value for Money

We ensure that our approach to every oven cleaning job is to provide meticulous attention to detail, whilst maintaining best value for our customers’ money. Our customers’oven clean prices Mo0nmouth bookings are, afterall, our income, and keep a roof over our heads. Looking after you, your home, and returning your cooker to as near showroom condition as possible.

It is our policy to be polite, punctual, and always happy to help. Here’s a summary of some of our prices and, best of all, we do not charge V.A.T.

Single Oven (1.5 to 2 hours) £60

Double Oven (2 to 3 hours) £70

Range Cooker – 90cm (3 to 4 hours) £105oven clean prices Monmouth

Range Cooker – 100cm (3 to 4 hours) £115

Range Cooker – 110cm (3 to 4 hours) £125

AGAs and Rayburns

2 Oven (2.5 – 3.5 hours) £105oven clean prices Monmouth

3 Oven (3 – 4.5 hours) £125

4 Oven 100cm Wide (987mm) (3 – 4.5 hours) £135

4 Oven 150cm Wide (1487mm) (4 – 6 hours) £175

Companion 2 Oven Unit (2 – 3 hours) £85

Integrated 2 Oven Unit (2 – 3 hours) £85

Oven & Range Cleaning. We are proud to be independent (not a franchise), local, and top value for money. Caring for the heart of your home.                    01989750121